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1. What kind of format is used for the music on sell?

All the music is on digital format, after bought you will be able to download it.

2. I already made the payment, but the download link isn’t able yet.

If you have made a payment and your download link isn’t able, please contact us at and we will fix the problem as soon as possible.

3. I´ve made the payment but the command status remains as “Pending”.

If this happens to you, please contact us at and we will fix the problem as soon as possible.

4. Does the prices of the products include the IVA?


5-. Is the music from the store protected? Is it selling legal?

Yes, it´s protected by the Danish firm Koda.

6. Can I hear some of the music I want to buy?

Yes, you can hear 30 seconds for each track, free of charge.

7. How long it´s the product available for downloading?

Six months from the date you bought it.

8. Can I reach information about the artists?

Yes, there´s a catalog on the web site with info of each artist promoted.

Vibraciones Vitales del Arte


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Un equipo de amigos unidos por el afán de la creación artística desde diversas perspectivas.

Cibernéticos, pintores, abogados, filólogos, escritores, grabadores, actores, músicos y cineastas: todos somos guías y comunicadores inmediatos entre la Cultura Cubana y tú.

¡Estamos ansiosos por conocerte! Somos la mediación entre esta Cuba donde crecimos y donde aprendimos a ver la vida de una manera diferente; y desde ella te la mostramos...
¡Somos cubanos!



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