Revista de Misceláneo, a cultural alternative promotion project. Viviart talked with the executive producer and director.


Visualizing Cuban Art

Somebody asked Miriam Real Arcia how she pictures a dreamt Cuba. The answer was: An island that generates possibilities instead of shutting them down. For lots of Cuban artists she is simply known as Mirita, a college and friend that has fought to open doors on daily bases, overcoming obstacles, to defend the minority´s art. From that dream and will it was born the Revista de Misceláneo, a cultural alternative promotion project. Viviart talked with the executive producer and director.



Viviart: How nurtures this new magazine to Misceláneo as a social- cultural initiative?

Mirita: Misceláneo, apart from it artistic activities, organized projects of theater investigations, poetry, dance and other art manifestations. Comes out at 2010 after an independent producer’s workshop. It all began with a poetry reading and paint exposition at Casa Gaia; then we made several documentaries and started to evolve until today. Misceláneo it´s about getting ahead the Cuban alternative, rescue cultural projects that have been forgotten, independents or not. On that particular context comes out the magazine.

We wanted to make a documentary about the artists non- promoted by the media. Talking to Maykel Xtremo we arrived to the conclusion that, expose the daily life of these artists it´s very important. How they make a living of it; how they manage to produce their music; what happens when there´s no place for a presentation. Then it occurred to us a magazine that tells the entire story, about those who are no longer here, the musical productions. The first edition it´s dedicated to hip hop, a very rich genre on its different creative faces, strong instigator of the citizen’s conscience, of love to family and country, but no that promoted.

V: However the magazine will embrace other artistic manifestations besides music. How often would it be released?

M: We foresee, depending on our resources, that it would be four editions per year. Besides, the magazine would include plastic artist´s illustrations and a musical compilation. There´s always going to be one dedicated exclusively to Hip Hop, which it´s going to be released after every Fists Up´s Awards, but it would be other subjects too. Next edition would be about presentation spaces, spontaneous theater, independent cultural journalism and the promoting media of alternative and general arts, as Viviart itself or Palamúsicaunderground, Matraca. The October edition would be about genre, dedicated to women on the arts, in every cultural ambit. We also want to see how to approach our work to other counties. The Talento Cubano´s Project made a research of the musicians in the island and it showed all the good stuffs that are emerging.

V: Does the magazine count with any institutional support?

Misceláneo doesn´t belong to any institution, and I, as director, neither. My only attachment would be with the Movimiento de Video (video´s movement), the Audiovisual Cuban Association. Right now I don’t have any interest in getting involved with some institution who can decide me what to print or not.

Unfortunately nowadays everything that is independent it gets associated with something dissident. You can agree or not with certain things of the political system; however that doesn’t means that your work has to be ruled by politics. My only interest is art.

Today´s institutions doesn’t collect all the artistic manifestations, The Cuban Rap Agency doesn’t include graffiti, DJs, and dancers. All those artists are looking for an alternative, and they even feel more comfortable without the institutions. I think that nowadays institutions are working mostly as a control mechanism instead of watching for the artist’s interest. The most representative case I know it´s the Cuban Rap Agency; every time a musician it´s about to make a concert, he has to deal with a ton of bureaucratism and starts to pull out all the agreements to be able of performing at a night club. Even when the Agency supports several projects as Garaje 19, still lacks a lot. Right now alternative it´s what keeps moving the Cuban art, beating all obstacles.

V: It is worth it? All the effort?

M: Yes. The main goal it´s to not desist, our target is opening minds, move forward. If we all give up, the biggest damage it´s going to the artists and the regular Cuban. We have to keep going, always saving the differences, talking; we have to create spaces, give opportunities; it is moment to get united, not break apart.